Gluing machine

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● Pneumatic glue applicator can apply glue on core board, multilayer board, plywood, blockboard, etc.,
● The utility model has the advantages of even gluing, high production efficiency, glue saving, manpower saving and cost saving.
● Improve the utilization rate of glue, reduce and minimize the consumption of glue. When danger occurs,
● The safety device can stop the machine immediately.
● Dispenser is divided into single side dispenser and double side dispenser, with dimensions of 1.4m and 2.7m
● There are three rollers (one rubber roller and two iron rollers) for the single side glue feeder; Two-sided
● Gluing machine is of four roller type (two rubber rollers and two iron rollers).
● It is mainly used for veneer, double board, multilayer board, plywood and other boards.
● The machine has reasonable structure design, uniform glue coating, convenient operation and cost saving.

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Gluing machine

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