How to maintain the heat press

During the daily use of the heat press, in order to reduce the number of downtime caused by equipment failure, attention must be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the operating speed and product quality of the equipment. Let us briefly introduce the daily maintenance methods of the heat press.

1. Steam elbow seal. The steam tube rotating slipknot of many hot presses adopts the sealing device of asbestos filling material. The asbestos thread is soaked in Teflon 2 plastic and pressed tightly in the original filling box for use. In order to avoid the asbestos filling material being easy to solidify under high temperature The leakage phenomenon, works well, but is not easy to use. When replacing the sealing ring, the circle behind the spherical surface must be cut into a 45 angle to cover, but it does not affect the sealing effect.

2. Maintenance of hot platen. The position of the hot-pressing plate and the lower mounting plate can protect the surface of the hot-pressing plate. The upper mounting plate directly affects the quality of the fiberboard surface. Dirt such as fibers is often trapped between the mounting plate and the heating plate. The mounting plate should be removed regularly. plate to remove dirt. Generally, the surface is replaced once a week to ensure the quality of the finished board surface.

3. When installing the liner, the fiberboard must be laid before pressing. Blanks that are damaged or not large in size cannot enter the heat press machine, and the fiberboard is directly pressed without using the inner plate. If the hot press machine is shut down for a long time, in order to prevent internal rust, the steam condensate in the hot-rolled plate should be removed in time.

4. If the hot pressing plate of the heat press is not hot, it means that the internal channel is blocked or there is a short circuit in the channel. The special deep hole drill bit is used to open the channel for inspection, and the obstacle can be removed before it can continue to be used.

5. If local leakage is found on the hot pressing plate of the hot press, it can be supplemented and leveled by welding. After welding, the water pressure should be tested, and it is encouraged to be 1.2-1.4 times the steam pressure. If the leak is caused by internal corrosion, it must be replaced.

Post time: Nov-26-2022