Installation requirements for heat press

The steam inlet and outlet of the two adjacent heat press plates of the heat press must be configured in opposite configurations. The high temperature and low temperature areas of the two adjacent heat press plates can compensate each other, which is helpful for the uniform heating of the blank. Whether the circuit form of the heating channel of the hot plate is reasonable or not plays an important role in improving the quality of the hot press and shortening the time of the hot press.
The plate surface temperature difference of the hot press machine is small, and the product quality obtained is good. In this way, the drilling can reduce the rigidity and weakened strength of the hot pressing plate, and reduce the circulation resistance of the fruit body in the hole. The hot-pressing plate is easy to block, the temperature difference between the plate surface is large, the heat of the product is uneven, and the water content is inconsistent everywhere, which will warp and affect the strength. At the same time, the hot-pressing time will be prolonged, resulting in a decrease in output.

Safety precautions to be aware of when operating a heat press:

1. Pay attention to safety when the press is running and inspecting, and hands cannot be placed on the hot pressing plate.
2. When the press is in the lightning area, it must stop running and cut off the power supply.
3. Please keep the oil switch on.
4. In the power-on state, the operator cannot leave the seat.
5. Preheating the press: turn off the power of the press, gradually increase the temperature without pressure, and reach the temperature required for the sticker before it can be put into formal production to ensure the quality of the veneer.

Post time: Nov-03-2022